Isosceles was founded to support fast-growing companies with strategic and operational finance, accounting and HR services.   There are four additional brands within the Isosceles group:

  • iFD provides access to part-time FDs and part-time CFOs with a wealth of experience and practical know-how; whether it’s to solve difficult challenges, plot a future path to success, or cover an existing FDs leave of absence
  • ireport harnesses the power of PowerBI to provides business insights and reporting for the FD/CFO
  • icount is a cloud-based accounting service built for seed and early-stage technology companies
  • ipeopleHR is a flexible HR service for small businesses 

We are proud to have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and founders achieve business growth and a valuable exit for a significant number.

Isosceles has offices in Egham (near Heathrow), Sheffield and Cambridge.


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