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PUFFIN Technologies cater for sites of all sizes, from single page up to multipage complex sites for enterprise and corporate level presence.
Our domains are hosted on High Performance Linux Platform servers with rich features and cPanel compatibility. Redundancy is the key feature of our server farm giving unconditional backup and 99.99% uptime guaranteed. 


Why choose PUFFIN Web Hosting Server?

Easy to use Control Panel

Our user-friendly Linux web hosting is supported with cPanel, which is the most trusted web hosting control panel. Here you can easily manage all your web hosting needs. Our cPanel offers features like blogs, forums, web statistics, file manager and much more !


One Click Installation

PUFFIN Technologies hosting comes with free cPanel, which can measly install Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Magento and various other applications on a single click. You can also install various other applications from our web hosting plans like forums, blog, etc.



Dedicated Customer Support

PUFFIN Technologies now offer unlimited data transfer (bandwidth) with selected hosting plans, No more worrying about the monthly data bills or worrying if you have exceeded your monthly allowance. It's unlimited so go Crazy! 



Don't be worry your Website always will be UP...

All of us at our services are constantly looking for ways to improve and to add value to our products and services through the valuable feedbacks of our customers. Feel Free to contact us [...]   or call (+971) 0509402656 - 0526452656


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