Are you looking for a gentle, fast, affordable, and effective method for trimming? Tom's Tumbler is bringing cutting-edge technology—without the blades—to the cannabis industry. We’ve helped save growers of every size 50-60% on hand-trimming labor costs. Made in the USA and assembled in California, our gentle trimming machines carefully preserve the trichomes, crystals, and flower structure—along with your business' profits! Using only food-grade nylon mesh nets and kief nets to process the buds, our machines cause buds to trim themselves as they tumble over each other. In less than five minutes, your product is more than 90% trimmed. Bladeless trimming works great because flowers don't need a lot of processing. They only need gentle tumbling to produce a product that looks hand-trimmed.

Whether your harvest is small, medium, or large, Tom's Tumbler has a tumble trimmer that’ll fit your operation’s needs. All our models are designed by a grower for growers, with all equipment and accessories made from USDA and FDA-certified materials. Our low-maintenance bud trimmers are easy to set up, clean, and disassemble, and we strive to keep prices low so small growers can get ahead! 

Customers are encouraged to call or visit the showroom to talk with Tom about all aspects of growing and processing. If you're interested in an industrial-grade tumbler, schedule a demo of our models at your location today. See for yourself why over 7,000 growers have selected our machines to accelerate production and cut costs!

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