Wonderful City Technical Services LLC

WCGC is one of the leading and well diversified business group of companies engaged in various business activities in the UAE,  ranging from Real Estate, General Trading, IT Solutions, Building management, technical services, staffing solutions, Facility management, Housekeeping, landscaping and various business support services.



Facility Management Service for Clubs, Parks, Hospitals, Schools, Industrial  and Commercial We do All Technical Service like (Swimming Pools, Maintenance, Fit Out Works, Building Maintenance, Cleaning Service, All IT Related Service, Labor Supply, A/C Work etc) Maid Service, Landscaping, Real Estate, And General Trading.



I would like to introduce myself and Wonderful City Group of Companies. My name is Muzaffar Ali, Operation Manager, and I am reaching out to make you aware of Wonderful City Technical Services. We are a facility maintenance company both on a regional and national level, handling all scales of projects
For more than a decade, WCGC has been a leader in  Facilities Management Services . Our unique structure allows us to tailor a support program based on the overall goals and strategies of each client’s needs. Then, with client agreement, we will design a tactical approach to achieving those goals. We are a growing business and we understand the dynamics of both small and large businesses. The ability to put a deal together and make decisions and react when time is of the essence, to personalized customer service, or just getting the owner of the company on his/her mobile phone. Opportunity does not sleep and we are always there by your side waiting to engage and help you achieve your goals and objectives.
WCGC  reduces costs through aggregation, competitive bidding, vendor consolidation, and streamlining of work orders.
WCGC  is a  company established in 2002. We specialize in the maintenance services of but are not limited to:
- Plumbing
- Electrical
- Construction/Handyman
- Refrigeration
- General Contracting
- Painting/Wallpaper Remodeling & Retrofits
Exterior Building/Sidewalks
Fire Protection

Labor Supply

IT Support and Services

Real Estate

General Trading

Maid Service

Cleaning Services for Offices, Building Schools, Hospitals, Parks and all cleaning services

You can email me directly at [...] [...]  with any questions, or inquiries. You can also call me directly at 056-9307256 between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm.

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