KUZEYBORU founded in 2001 and is a serious place were a young team with experienced companies in the global market. Located in a large-scale application of pipe KUZEYBORU projects include pre-production activities after winning companies experience a serious experience in this regard has started production of plastic pipe.

KUZEYBORU is hosting the international standards body, and in particular to cover all pipes laboratory standards in the world and has production features. Our company has ISO 9001, ISO 14000 certification. Our products are based on standard EN-TSE-ISO-DIN.

You can find more details about our products www.allplasticpipe.com our site.

           Our laboratories at each stage of production are controlled by computer systems and our engineers during the production phase are produced by continuous and careful sample quality products. Our Major Quality Testing our internal pressure test, density testing, Tensile Test, Tensile Test, Tapping Test, Impact testing, circle ring stiffness testing, water testing and measurements and tests are absorsiyo. Training our employees in our factory have a high level of education.

KUZEYBORU Turkey in terms of delivery and in particular with local dealers and distributed storage system created in order to download the low level of transport costs. Our export shipments is focused on Istanbul and Izmir, Mersin port in sea transport. We pay much attention to the cost of land transport routes to transport.

 KUZEYBORU also has a structure in which the application and practice of bringing solutions to the problems faced by customers. Evaluating our company as a separate project implementation, enforcement contractor uses of enhancing knowledge and experience gain.

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