The Yacht Surveyors/Constellation Marine Services

Constellation Ct
Pensacola, 32506
United Arab Emirates

Constellation Yacht Surveyors is a collaboration of “professional stars” who are professionally committed to deliver impeccably consistent and reliable professional service relating to offshore installation, ship and cargo claims. The well thought of “CONSTELLATION” brand, stands for this philosophy.
A collabarative partnership has been established and service deliverables are executed to the same high standards in cities around the world: 

the yacht surveyors dubai about us

Each office has a Master Mariner or Chief Engineer heading the business unit. Sea going experience forms a vital ingredient in our selection criteria of professionals.
London and Dubai are the 2 locations where we operate out of our own premises.
We are grateful to our long standing clients & under writers for their relentless support to enable us to invest in these locations with a long term view of services deliverance.

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