An Egyptian company with a specialized chemist and qualified team to provide efficient service to all over the world.

we have our own quarries to extract minerals and produce a high-quality product (about 100% pure ) and packing with international specifications to our customers.

Milestone Company

An Egyptian company established in 2019 has over 15 years of experience in the chemistry field and mining.

Milestone team includes university professors in the field of business administration, finance and economics, and the Caymanians with a high degree of efficiency and vitality, with a maximum age of 35 years only. The companies in the Egyptian market achieve their ambitions and hopes and thus formed the idea of establishing a youth company to contribute among them, unify their ideas and vision and out of the ordinary to provide the people of trust with the skills of the old companies in the market.

Milestone Company is a company of new young companies with new specialized thought based science, research, development, and efficiency of the team and the combination of academic studies, scientific experience and spirit of youth in business administration.

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